Living with Cats

Living with Cats

Living with cats can be great, but what does a responsible cat owner need in order to look after their feline friend? Well that is what this page is all about. I want to share my experience plus the experiences

Cat Health

Feline Health and Care

Cats are very good at looking after themselves, but that doesn’t mean that you can just ignore them and everything will be okay. Cats need attention too. The first thing to do is talk to your vet. They have the

Cat Toys and Accessories

Cat Toys and Accessories

    There are a lot of toys to choose from when it comes to your cat. Lazer pointers, teasers, mice, balls, even just dangling some fabric can serve as a great way to play. This large variety is good

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Why cats make the purrrfect pet

Cat’s have been close to humans since the time of the ancient Egyptians. They are incredible and graceful creatures who are perfect for someone who is looking for a pet who doesn’t constant looking after. This is because cats are quite independent, which some people see as a bad thing, but in reality it means that when they do show affection they truly mean it. Only cat owners know, the true joy of having your cat lie down on your lap and going to sleep.

Cats are also able to clean themselves, and many come already able to use a litterbox. No house training required. Other pets like dogs need constant care and discipline. You cannot leave a dog alone for too long and they need to be constantly kept under control. Cat’s also do not need a huge yard to play in. as long as there is enough to stimulate them, a cat can live most of its life happily inside, which in turn keeps it from the potential dangers of the outside world.

There is nothing in the world that I love more than my cat, and I hope that you too can discover just how amazing a cat can be when you let it into your heart.